Project Fierce ChicagoProject Fierce Chicago
M/M | trans* | F/F | contemporary | fantasy
165,000 words | 625 pages (pdf) | anthology
Published by Less Than Three Press
Cover by Megan Derr
Release Date: July 16, 2014

All proceeds from this charity anthology will be donated to Project Fierce Chicago.

Aeris, Vicktor Alexander, Talya Andor, C.J. Anthony,
Blaine D. Arden, Kayla Bain-Vrba, Sophie Bonaste,
Kenzie Cade, Jana Denardo, Alessandra Ebulu,
Dianne Hartsock, Leta Hutchins, Caitlin Ricci, Lor Rose,
B. Snow, Rin Sparrow, Andrea Speed, Piper Vaughn,
Layla M. Wier, and Xara X. Xanakas



eBook $8.99:

Nobody deserves to be without a home. In collaboration with several authors, Less Than Three Press offers up an anthology of stories about young people who find that home and family are not always where you expect to find them.

All proceeds from this charity anthology will be donated to Project Fierce Chicago.

Project Fierce Chicago’s mission is to reduce LGBTQ youth homelessness in Chicago by providing affirming, no-cost transitional housing and comprehensive support services to homeless LGBTQ young adults. PFC also aims to encourage community-building and civic engagement through cooperative living and youth leadership development.

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Coming Soon

  • Click Your Heels Three Times (working title)
    To be published by Wilde City Press in the Bedtime Stories anthology

    Theodorin is preparing for a date with his lover, but his general has other plans for him.


  • There is LightSatisfaction Guaranteed
    To be published by Less Than Three Press in the Satisfaction Guaranteed anthology

    Marek Moss isn’t happy. His status as a drifter—someone whose magic is warped or fluctuating—hampers him in holding on to a boyfriend or finding a job he actually enjoys. Marek has tried quite a few jobs over the years, but none of them seemed to stick. The only reasons he stuck to being a lighter for the past six years is that the lights are pretty, he’s not working for his smothering family, and he gets to ogle Hennen Kovu from time to time.

    Hennen is everything Marek is not. He’s elegant, confident, and damn good at his job, despite being blind. And Marek has a crush on him. A crush that turns into something more when he bumps into Hennen outside of work—trips over his cane—and is invited for a drink and a concert.

    Hennen makes Marek see that he can change how people react to him, and that there might be a job he’d enjoy, after all. And if Marek can gather the courage to take that first step, he might even have a boyfriend to hold on to.



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