Blaine D. Arden

From the Desk of…
Connor Smith

The Primrose Files


As much as Connor tries to keep his desk in order, paper work keeps piling up. We unearthed these internal memos from the bottom drawer of his desk.

From: R. Holloway – Research

To: C. Smith – Security

Subject: Magical earrings?


Attached you’ll find a copy of my report on the magical earrings team Alpha found last week. Memo P111051509S1537 / 15-05-2011.

The research was...interesting to say the least. Many of our female researchers eagerly offered to test them out. Unfortunately, we had to destroy the earrings to find out what caused the headless look. I’ve boxed the pieces and sent them to Archives, along with the report.


Rupert Holloway

PS: Thank you for the photo of Agent Amato walking around headless.

From: I. Griffin

To: C. Smith

Subject: Glowing rocks


Remember that A-watch alert I told you about yesterday? Where we found those fluorescent rocks? Anyway, Jimenez forgot to put gloves on before he touched them, and apparently the rocks give off some sort of residue. No idea what it is, I haven’t had the results from Research back yet, but it’s STILL on his hands.

He’s tried to wash it off several times already, but every time we turned off the lights in the locker room, his hands would light up like crazy. And not just his hands. Everything he touches lights up in the dark. He won’t be forgetting his gloves anytime soon.

Maintenance is none too happy about it either.



PS: I’m gagging for ice cream. Want to hit the park during lunch?


Cover for 'ALIENS, SMITH AND JONES' by Blaine D. Arden. Features a cosmic star-filled sky backdrop with two men in the foreground. The man on the left is dressed in a business suit, adjusting his cufflinks, and the man on the right is in casual attire, both standing against a blurred city nightscape. Below, the text 'A Primrose Files Novel'. Mockup cover with textured, crumpled paper background. At the top in purple text 'Coming... Some day'. Below, a torn paper effect reveals a dark cosmic background with the title 'ROBOTS, JACKSON AND MACALLISTAIR' in golden font with a slight reflection.  Mockup cover with textured, crumpled paper background. At the top, in purple text 'Coming... Some day'. Below, a torn paper effect reveals a cosmic scene with the title 'CYBORGS, KONRAD AND COPPERFIELD' in orange.
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