Blaine D. Arden

Blaine's Reading List

Because I'm eternally bad at reviewing and/or reccommending books, this is a page to see what I've read recently.

Blaine's reads 2023

Perfectly Imperfect Pixie
The Venetian and the Rum Runner
How We End
How We Began
But Wait, There’s Myrrh
Starting Over
Mr. Jaguar
Collision Damage
The Gentle Art of Fortune Hunting
Blood Stained Tea
The Sheriff of Shard Hills
Winning Move
Visible Mending
Rooting for You
The Heartbreak Handshake
Finlay Donovan Is Killing It
Playing Chicken: A St Dwynwen's Day Short Story
The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle
Beck and Call


As for Reccommendations...
I keep losing track of which books I'd really like to read again, so only recently created a shelf for them.
It's not complete, might never be, but it's a start.

Blaine's Keepsakes

For Real
Minority Monsters!
A Little Side of Geek
A Whole Latte Sass
The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks
The Bunny and the Billionaire
New Game, Start
Capture & Surrender